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The Pastoral Coordinator Deacon Robert Boharic

Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe that school will be starting this week at both the St. Gabriel and BCA campuses of our Parish school. More than 450 students are expected this year.

Both schools have some very impressive assets. But the most important assets are the students, teachers and parents – they are the ones that make our school unique and special. As I write this, on August 14th teachers from both campuses are scheduled to gather for lunchand a tour

at St. Gabriel campus, followed by a similar tour of BCA later in the day. Led by our fine principals, Mrs. Caroline Koster and Mr. Steve Adams, this will be the beginning of fruitful collaboration by our teachers, for the benefit of all the students.

Cardinal Cupich has appointed Father Thomas Cima to be Parochial Administrator of Nativity of Our Lord and St. Gabriel Parish. Father Cima will remain Pastor of St. Michael the Archangel Parish in Back of the Yards, and will be joining with Father Rich Creagh and me in working with parishioners from both Nativity and St. Gabriel as we unite into one parish. Fr. Cima is also the Dean of our local group of parishes, so he knows our area. We look forward to his guidance and collaboration. In addition, Deacon Eric Zeimys and Deacon Robert Morris will now serve the newly united parish of Nativity of Our Lord and St. Gabriel Parish.

New Financial Council
We now have accepted volunteers to serve on a new parish Finance Council – four from each campus. This group will assist in the development of our Parish’s finances in the coming year. Their first meeting will be on August 19th, when we will begin to understand how the united parish’s finances and budgets will be brought together in the coming months. The parish school (St. Gabriel and BCA) already has a unified budget. We will keep you updated as things develop. We are also developing a new Pastoral Council to serve our united parish, and we need new members from St. Gabe’s, which did not have such a council, to serve with the long established parish council from Nativity.

Townhall Meetings
To follow-up on our first Townhall meeting in July, we are working to find a good date in early September for a similar meeting at Nativity. At St. Gabriel, there were good questions about the unification of the new Parish, as well as some good suggestions for us all to consider over the coming weeks and months.

Yours in Christ,

Deacon Bob Boharic

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