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The Pastor's Page

From Our Pastor Rev. James F. Hurlbert


Dear Friends,                                                                  September 17th, 2020

Congratulations to the young people who made their First Communions last weekend and this weekend! I sure am glad we scheduled the group First Communions as we did, with the Mass at Nativity of Our Lord last week and the one at Gabriel this week. By now you should have heard that we needed to close the Nativity campus for a couple of weeks due to the uptick in COVID cases in that part of Bridgeport. I hope that we will be up and running for Masses there again by next weekend, with school kids back at BCA the next day.  

We are still playing catch-up with sacraments and Mass intentions. We have Confirmation scheduled for December for the young people who had been scheduled to receive it last Spring (many of them have sponsors who are college students, so we scheduled it for a time when they would be home from college). For those who were preparing to receive Sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil we will have a special Mass at Nativity on Sunday morning, October 25 (I’ll get someone to cover the morning Mass at St Gabriel that day). We are going to have two Saturday morning Masses in November as a kind of “group intention Mass” for those Mass intentions that had been arranged for Masses March-July when the churches were locked and no Masses were celebrated. The Mass for the intentions at Nativity will be November 7th; the Mass for the intentions at Saint Gabriel will be November 21st. The time is to be determined. Hopefully by Thanksgiving we will be caught up... which brings me to the next difficult thing to figure out: where to hold our parish Thanksgiving Mass and what to do about the Christmas holiday Mass schedule. I suppose I’ll flip a coin to see where to hold Mass for Thanksgiving (perhaps after that we can switch back and forth each year), but the Christmas schedule will take some thought and consultation. I beg your understanding and cooperation, as getting through this first year working these things out will not be easy. 

Please keep me in your prayers this week as I will be at the seminary for my annual spiritual retreat. I find that these days of silence and prayer are essential for maintaining spiritual balance and a sense of inner recollection. I promise to keep all of you in my prayers as well. Father Ben Melaku, CM will celebrate daily Mass in my stead at Saint Gabriel on Tuesday and Friday. I’ll be back for the weekend.

May your week reflect the encounter with Christ
we experienced at Mass today.

Fr. Hurlbert

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