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653 West 37th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60609
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About Nativity of Our Lord Parish

In the year of our Lord 1868, Archdiocese of Chicago Bishop James Duggan recognized a spiritual need in the Hamburg and Union Stock Yards district of Chicago. He appointed Irish-born Fr. Michael Lyons (1828-1881) to found a parish to serve the people occupying what would soon be known as the Bridgeport neighborhood.

Masses were offered in the stables adjacent to the stockyards...and the parish was named appropriately since its inception mirrored the birth of our Lord in a stable.

Eight years later, property was acquired for a more permanent house of worship. The current church's cornerstone was laid October 28, 1876, by Bishop Foley. Designed to seat 1,200 people, this magnificent church and the adjacent buildings were erected under the spiritual leadership of Fr. Joseph M. Cartan (1847-1907), the third pastor of Nativity of Our Lord.

To this day, the church stands tall and proud in its magnificence and beauty at the same corner of 37th Street and Union Avenue. It has in its long history served as a beacon and pillar in this unique neighborhood. The original mission of Nativity of Our Lord Parish to bring souls closer to God is still met today and will continue to be met for ages to come.

Tens of thousands of souls have been nourished and continue to be nourished by this great parish. Countless young people have been educated in our parish school. Many have seen their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren graduate from Nativity of Our Lord School and Bridgeport Catholic Academy.

God bless the people who have worked tirelessly to make Nativity of Our Lord Parish the great center of faith for so many in the Bridgeport community. May God likewise bless those who today and in the ages to come call Nativity their spiritual home!

Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church
Parish Council

Rev. James F. Hurlbert (Pastor)
Mark Aguilar Jose Flores
Roseanne Bonoma Deacon Fran Henry
  Jane Christensen   Kim Madia
  John Czubaja   Lisa Morris
  Michael Deuerling   Maggie Stewart
  Terry Dybas    


Finance Council

                Alex Deutsch         Mary Mahon-Huels
                Michael Huels         Colleen Hughes
                James Keating         Jan McDonough
                Caroline Koster         Patrick Thompson

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Nativity of Our Lord Parish Council is to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, for whom our Parish is named, by functioning as a liaison between the pastor and the parishioners to assess the present and future needs of the parish community.

It is the responsibility of each Parish Council member to enhance:

  • Spiritual Growth by developing ways to integrate Gospel values into the daily community life of each member of our parish.
  • Growth Through Fellowship and Ministry by providing a welcoming environment, encouragement, and support throughout the parish and beyond.
  • Social Growth by recognizing available opportunities and organizing events that will enrich the faith, culture, talents, and education of our parishioners.

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