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Nativity Of Our Lord Parish C.C.D. Information

To register please call the rectory at (773) 927-6263

Religious Education is available for public school students in First through through eighth grade.  Two years of R.E. is required for the reception of First Holy Communion, and continuity throughout all eight years is required for the sacrament of Confirmation.

Weekly classes resume in September.  All R.E. classes will take place on Tuesday evenings from 6:00-7:15pm. 

 All are welcome!  For more information, please call 773/927-6263 and  Thank you for fostering the faith of your children!

It is expected that families with children in Religious Education regularly participate in the practice of their faith by attending Mass every weekend.

For more information,  please call the rectory at (773) 927-6263

Nativity of Our Lord

Religious Education
Classes are held Tuesday Evenings 6:00-7:15 pm


Religious Education Program Guidelines 

Our Mission:

We strive to develop an awareness of Gods constant presence among us, while instilling sound Christian morals and values in our children, so that they may develop spiritually for continued success through their lives. 

RE Eligibility

         Any child who is of grade 1 age is eligible to enroll in the RE program.

         A tuition fee must be paid in full.

         Proper documents (i.e. Baptismal Certificates, etc.) will be requested for your childs permanent file.  Certain documents are necessary to have on hand before your child can receive a sacrament.

         A registration Form must be completed prior to your child attending class.

Attendance Expectations

         All children are expected to attend ALL class sessions.  If your child is absent for any reason, you MUST phone in the absence.  More than 4 absences (excused OR unexcused) may result in removal of your child from the program for the year and to repeat the same grade the following school year, including sacraments.

Behavior Expectations

         Follow the Golden Rule: Treat Others as you want to be treated!

         Be prompt and prepared for class.

         Be prepared to learn and to have fun.

         Listen to and respect authority figures.

         Follow directions.

         Accept responsibility of behavior.

         Use appropriate language.

         Respect all property.

         Be polite, cooperative and kind.

Course of Study

         All classes use grade appropriate RE textbooks from RCL Benziger publishing company.  In addition to these books catechists may supplement their lessons by using art projects, videos, bibles and any other materials related to the lessons objective.

         Please watch for any notes, homework, projects, etc. in your childs take-home folder.

In addition to these class dates and guidelines, we expect to see you every weekend at Mass.

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